About the company

Helske Ltd is a dynamically developing British company active in several industrial and construction sectors. It is currently focusing on various activities and developing a number of investment projects. Helske’s principal business is using nanotechnology to produce unique construction material. Through ceaseless research it is changing routines and becoming a pioneer in its field.

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At Helske we understand the economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century brought by the COP 21 in Paris. Our products are designed to help people save energy and protect the environment, while maintaining their healthy life.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Helske 

is an international sales executive and expert in business development, multicultural team leadership and management innovation. He has spent more than two decades in industry working with multinational companies on four continents.

His in-depth experience in competitive positioning of major corporations worldwide came from leveraging global market knowledge to secure business in the US (RCA), Europe (Thomson, Limagrain), and Asia (Thomson).

He also gained experience handling negotiations with the Chinese government for a newly created venture. In addition to his tenure at multinationals, he spent ten years in the public sector and as a visiting professor at a Paris management school.




Vision for better life

As Helske builds materials and products, it is developing solutions that combine modern science with environmental principles and practices. Helske’s priorities are to raise the quality of their products and make them more ecient so they truly help improve the quality of our lives. Contemporary life requires us to look not just at one aspect of our complex lives.

Helske is using their products to bring benefits at once in multiple areas. Our scientists are developing products and enhancing them not just to become examples of technological excellence in specific fields, but also to be user and environmentally friendly.

Helske’s products have been the subject of many reviews emphasising their benefits. Helske has embarked on a journey to be creative and environmentally responsible and intends to continue this trend.

“We are continually improving the quality of life of our customers.”