people care

Helske is designing a project of construction and operating specialised facilities for older people in Western Europe (Germany) to provide comprehensive premium services. Our exceptional project oers an entire range of services targeted at satisfying the needs and expectations of retired people, helping them to live contented lives with dignity.

The project includes construction of separate senior housing featuring individual apartments.




Solutions for a peaceful life

Every Senior Resort will offer 500 places in the same number of independent apartments measuring 20 - 55 square metres.Besides these apartments, the project also includes a health clinic, green park, dining facility and other services.

A big advantage is a design at each centre employing energy independence, with a custom organic heating plant and intelligent technologies to guarantee e cient operation of buildings that saves money and is environmentally friendly, too.

This project introduces 21st century modern architecture to the general public, high-quality individual housing and comprehensive health care, marking a fundamental change in the outlook for retirees living with a deserved rest.

Modern design

The modern interior design is intertwined with the building's overall architecture and follows user concepts and lifestyles. Quality is emphasised in all of its details. Every interior design is a functional solution paying maximum respect to senior citizens' needs and requirements.

All interiors are designed to create a true home. Each apartment has its own atmosphere, originality, style, functionality and reasonable solution. An important consideration is a design employing matched materials with colours that act aesthetically and create perfect harmony. Proper selection of decorations, wallpapers, fabrics, quality carpets and interesting paintings - these minute details have their own impact on people.

An essential part of any interior is good illumination. It is these elements which play a significant role in a person's comfort. The very concept of creating an interior design takes the environmental aspect into account, with all materials being both economical and environmentally friendly.


People care in numbers


Country Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
Location Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne
Description of buildings Detached apartment blocks. The project offers high quality housing and services with both well above standard and premium care.
Number of floors 2 storeys
Number of apartments per block 500
Dimensions 20 m2 - 55 m2
Heating Own organic heating plant
Services Health clinic, dining facility
Preparing infrastructure 18 - 21 months
Construction 10 - 12 months
Start of operation 2019
Total cost €24 million (per apartment block)

richter.jpgDaniel Richter
Architect, Braunlage, Germany

Daniel Richter is a well-known German architect whose Richter Architekten office is located in Braunlage, Germany. He specialises mainly in the construction of hotels and summer resorts. With passion and attention to detail, he has designed several modern recreational centres that offer high comfort and sensitivity to the surrounding landscape.

A group of architects led by him have completed several hotel and holiday resort projects throughout Germany. In addition, his team of architects design administrative and industrial facilities, as well as residential buildings.

Projects his office has completed include various recreational facilities in Winterberg, Braunlage, Binz/Rügen, Westerland and Hörnum/Sylt, alongside the construction of new business centres in Wismar, Frankfurt/Oder, Dresden, Itzehoe, Freiberg and Neuss. Daniel Richter is a member of an expert committee at Lower Saxony's State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying

ravassard.jpgPatrick Ravassard
Architect, Paris, France

Pattrick Ravassard is a recognised interior architect. He received his vocational training and qualified as an architect at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, a renowned higher education institute in applied arts and crafts and in interior architecture and design.

Patrick is the founder of L'Atelier, his own group. He has over fifteen years of experience managing several major real estate projects as well as in developing commercial space.

In the past he was employed at several companies and participated as an architect in a number of projects. He also headed Mobilitis, a project in Paris focusing on consulting and interior design for large real estate projects.